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Netography, an autonomous network security platform that serves as an enterprise security ‘Eye in the Sky,’ today launched with $2.6M in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz. The company aims to help security and network teams work smarter, not harder, by leveraging the wealth of real-time data produced by network devices to automatically detect and block malicious traffic to defend networks.

Led by DDoS mitigation pioneer Barrett Lyon as co-founder and CEO, and Dan Murphy as co-founder and CTO, the Netography team comprises some of the seminal figures in anti-DDoS and network security. Lyon and team founded Prolexic Inc.,, acquired by Akamai Technologies, Inc, technology that now powers much of the industry’s DDoS protection. He subsequently went on to found BitGravity (acquired by Tata Communications), XDN (acquired by Fortinet), and (acquired by F5 Networks).

No one understands networks, how they act, the information they provide, and how to protect them better than Barrett and his team
“No one understands networks, how they act, the information they provide, and how to protect them better than Barrett and his team,” said Martin Casado, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and software-defined networking pioneer. “They have been ahead of the curve in securing evolving infrastructure for the past 20 years. Now they are completely flipping the security model on its head. Netography is making network devices once only managed by people smarter and capable of self-correction.”

Netography provides autonomous network security, harnessing an enterprise’s existing network device data to stop threats that are extremely difficult to detect by existing security tools. Leveraging the wealth of data produced by network devices, combined with cloud processing, software and algorithms created using the collective knowledge of 20 years experience from top experts in DDoS and network attacks, Netography’s patent-pending technology security teams to detect early indicators of an attack, and automatically respond.

“After years of studying the evolving landscape, and building so many platforms, we realized the answer was right in front of us,” said Barrett Lyon, CEO of Netography. “Flying blind from both a network operations and security perspective is almost criminal in this day and age of so much information. The era of ‘capture everything’ is in the past and now we can remotely solve these problems that first generation network traffic analyzers, DLP, and SIEM tools have struggled to address.

General availability of the Netography platform will be released in the second quarter of this year.

Lyon and select members of the Netography team will be in attendance at the upcoming RSA Conference 2019, March 4-8 in San Francisco and will be on hand for private first look demonstrations of the platform. To arrange a meeting email [email protected].

About Netography

Netography’s Security Platform provides cross-network visibility, encompassing cloud and on-premises environments. With the network-wide visibility that Netography delivers, organizations can protect themselves, via instant and automated detection and remediation, against a broad set of security threats, resulting in a 90% reduction in MTTR (mean time to resolution). Netography helps companies verify the effectiveness of their existing security and tools, share the same data in real-time across NetOps and SecOps teams, and easily protect their entire infrastructure as they scale, without adding expensive hardware. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @netography, LinkedIn at, or request additional information at [email protected].