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Zero Trust Enablement

Validate Your Governance and Protect Trust Boundaries

Ensure compliance with Zero Trust and other policies in real-time and at scale.

Your network is a continuously evolving collection of cloud plus on-prem infrastructure, applications, data, and devices. In spite of your best efforts to comply with Zero Trust guidelines, industry best practices, or internal compliance requirements, the dynamic nature of your network will prevent you from detecting anomalous or malicious activity.

The Netography Fusion® platform allows you to validate that your policies are correctly segmenting network activity and enforcing controls across your on-prem and multi-cloud environments. It allows you to map all network activity before starting your Zero-Trust initiative and measure its success after implementation. You can continuously visualize, verify, and correct network segmentation errors with Fusion’s continuous monitoring.

The Fusion platform can monitor trust boundaries within a single location, multiple regions, or globally, and dynamically update the trust boundary rules when you add new segments or modify existing segments.

Fusion’s 100% SaaS frictionless deployment model means you can monitor any segment or instance across your cloud and on-prem network at any time (including places you can’t or don’t want to deploy an appliance or agent). You’ll begin to visualize context-rich network activity almost immediately with no sensors, agents, or taps to deploy.

Examples of the policy violations Netography Fusion detects in real-time:

  • Identifying trust boundary violations due to misconfigured access controls
  • Detecting micro-segmentation errors that allow development assets to communicate with production assets
  • Visualizing out-of-scope assets communicating with in-scope assets in PCI DSS environments
  • Detecting unauthorized communication between OT and IT devices
  • Identifying unauthorized machines accessing restricted assets
  • Detecting internal systems bypassing network security controls, including firewalls and SSE/SASE providers
  • Validating enforcement after ruleset updates to on-prem and cloud security controls

Verify Zero Trust posture and other compliance controls

Validate network micro-segmentation controls and continuously monitor compliance

Consolidate disparate views of network conversations

Monitor policies at scale from a single portal, minimizing cost and complexity of network-wide visibility

Leverage context-enriched metadata to evaluate potential risk

Understand significance of any asset exhibiting anomalous activity

Verify Zero Trust posture and other security compliance controls

Implementing a Zero Trust framework can be extremely challenging for many security and network teams. Verifying the correct micro-segmentation of network activity in real-time after changes to users, applications, roles, devices, permissions, cloud platforms, or policies can be virtually impossible for most organizations.

Fusion gives your SecOps, NetOps, and CloudOps the ability to detect violations of your zero trust network architecture (ZTNA) and other policies in real-time. It is completely cloud-native and utilizes enriched metadata from devices and tools already in your network to monitor your network activity without deploying sensors, agents, or taps.

The Fusion platform’s detection and context creation models enable you to map and enforce network activity to your business policies automatically. Your team will be able to detect and mitigate errors in real-time before data loss or operational disruption occurs.

Consolidate disparate views of network conversations

Modern networks lack a single view of all conversations between clouds, cloud to on-premises, and on-premises to remote locations. Too often, organizations rely on multiple technologies in their tech stack and swivel chairs in their NOC or SOC to try to keep up with their evolving networks.

The Fusion platform eliminates the silos of data that prevent a rapid understanding and response to anomalous events. It provides real-time ingestion, normalization, enrichment, and search of enriched metadata from the devices, applications, and cloud platforms you’ve already deployed. Its 100% SaaS frictionless deployment model means you can begin seeing anomalous and malicious network activity anywhere in your network without having to deploy sensors, taps, or agents.

With the built-in governance dashboards and the ability to create custom dashboards to match your internal requirements, you can streamline your Zero Trust audits and quickly show proof of enforcement of policies to auditors, regulators, or Board committees.

Leverage context to evaluate potential risk and prioritize response

Fusion’s enriched metadata provides the critical context you need to understand the significance of the servers, endpoints, and unmanaged devices involved. It incorporates the context already contained in applications and services in your existing tech stack, including asset management, configuration management database (CMDB), endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection and response (NDR), extended detection and response (XDR), and vulnerability management.

The Fusion platform transforms the metadata in your network from a table of IP addresses, ports, and protocols into enriched metadata that provides context-rich descriptions of the activities of your assets across your on-prem and multi-cloud environment.

Armed with this knowledge, your NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps teams will be able to evaluate the potential risk of any anomalous activity to prioritize response before operational disruptions or breaches occur.

Fusion Capabilities Include:

  • Centralized Governance Dashboards
  • User-Configurable Policy Violation Alerts
  • Flexible Data Retention Policies
  • Powerful Searches with Netography Query Language (NQL)
  • User-Customizable Netography Detection Models (NDMs) and Context Creation Models (CCMs)
  • Fast, Frictionless Deployment Free of Sensors, Taps, or Agents
  • SOC 2 Compliance