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Security for the Atomized Network®

Netography Fusion®:

Cloud-Native Network Defense Platform for All Your Cloud and On-Prem Traffic

On-Demand Webinar

Advancing Defense: A CISO-Spective with Inductive Automation

A discussion with Jason Waits on why he chose Netography’s platform for comprehensive visibility from on-prem to cloud to improve security decisions and response.

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Analyst Report

451 Research: Netography Changing the Network Security Landscape

New report from analyst firm 451 Research | S&P Global Market Intelligence highlights our Network Defense Platform, suggesting it can tackle new issues in the modern network and cloud environment and potentially replace outdated NDR.

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On-Demand Webinar

Security Mavericks: Interpublic Group, FICO, and Mercury

An engaging group conversation with security leaders Troy Wilkinson, CISO, Interpublic Group; Shannon Ryan, Senior Director, Security Core Services & Architecture, FICO; and Branden Wagner, Head of Information Security, Mercury.

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Netography Fusion® is a cloud-native Network Defense Platform (NDP) that provides real-time detection and response to anomalies and threats across hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-prem networks from a single console without deploying sensors, agents, or taps.


NDPs reflect the fundamental change that has occurred in enterprise networks–your network is now a hybrid collection of cloud plus on-prem infrastructure, applications, data, and users and often includes OT and IoT environments.


Your security, network, and cloud operations teams will respond faster and more effectively because of unmatched visibility in real-time, validate governance, and monitor, detect, and respond to compromises in any environment.

Close Your Control Gaps

Gain comprehensive multi-cloud and on-prem control without deploying sensors, agents or taps

Validate Your Governance

Ensure compliance with Zero Trust, TikTok, and other policies in real-time

Accelerate Your Threat Actor Detection

Respond in real-time before threat actors disrupt operations

Reduce Your DDoS Damage

Validate the performance of your mitigation tools to minimize the cost and impact of an attack.

“We achieved complete visibility and better security detections across all of our environments – including on-premises and multi-cloud, Netography Fusion ingests and enriches flow data at massive scale without hardware, complicated network taps in chokepoints, or costly deep packet inspection and decryption.”

FICO and Netography on the Atomized Network

Unify Your Network Visibility

Netography Fusion® shows you what your devices, users, applications, and data are doing and what’s happening to them in real time, from a single console.

You gain unmatched awareness from aggregated, normalized, and enriched metadata collected from the physical and virtual devices already in your hybrid network, including all five major cloud providers.

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fusion dashboard to unify atomized network visibility
Single console view: See all your devices, users, applications, and data; what they’re doing, and what’s happening to them, in real-time

Detect Anomalies and Compromises Faster

Netography Fusion delivers high-fidelity alerts that identify anomalous or malicious network activity in real-time across your Atomized Network. These context-rich alerts provide real-time awareness that enables you to reduce the dwell time of any threat actors.

You will also be able to hunt for previously undetected IoCs and respond to malicious activity that has evaded your other detection technologies before damage can occur.

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fusion detection models for automated remediation and response
Respond faster and more effectively with high-fidelity alerts from across your Atomized Network

Understand Critical Context

You can tag applications, assets, users, locations, environments, or business units to add critical context labels from your CMDB, asset management, Active Directory, vulnerability management, and EDR, NDR, and XDR systems.

Netography Fusion also gives you the ability to use these labels to create custom dashboards and searches and automate response workflows to accelerate detection and response.

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fusion detect threats immediately with detection models
High-fidelity alerts provide actionable insights and critical context that accelerates response

Deploy Frictionless Architecture in Minutes

Netography Fusion’s frictionless deployment model eliminates the need to deploy sensors, agents, or taps, driving down your costs.

You get continuous real-time insights into all network activity across your multi-cloud and on-prem networks, including OT and IoT devices, via enriched metadata.

You see it all: North-South, East-West, on-prem to cloud, and cloud-to-cloud, all in one SaaS portal without the challenge of deploying additional components.

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Completely Unified Visibility of Network Flows
See all activity across your hybrid, multi-cloud networks in a single cloud-native console

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