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Twenty years ago, when we founded the first DDOS defense company, we envisioned this day. We saw networks that could operate without dedicated security devices. Networks that could secure themselves without human intervention or complex security support. 


Today, we have made that vision a reality. By using the vast compute power of the cloud, Netography turns any device in your network into a security asset. Through remote monitoring and analysis, your network secures itself with or without your direction. Additionally, the remote tools give you unprecedented monitoring and visualization of your network. 


IP is a protocol full of flexibility. It can securely enable the free flow of information, or become a tool that is so insecure it encumbers business and can even endanger human lives.

Previous security paradigms have not been working. It’s time we create something new that does work for the modern network.

The Team Building the Future

From San Francisco to Russia, we have assembled a highly skilled team of the most brilliant minds in network security. Each one of us lives, breathes, and thinks security. As a result – without much work on your part – your network will become much more secure.


Barrett Lyon

Co-Founder and CEO

Barrett Lyon serves as co-founder and CEO of Netography and is a pioneer in the field of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation and cloud services. A serial entrepreneur and well-respected cybersecurity thought leader, Barrett holds more than 20 years experience in building leading-edge network services and infrastructure.


Dan Murphy

Co-Founder and CTO

Dan Murphy is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Netography. He is a 20-year veteran of technology where he has focused on cloud and service provider operations in a wide range of companies from early startups to large-scale publicly traded companies.  For the last 10 years he has concentrated his skills and successes in the DDoS industry with an eye toward visibility.


Gus Cunningham


Gus Cunningham serves as Chief Revenue Officer of Netography, reuniting him with his former Prolexic colleagues. He joined Prolexic when the company had less than $2 million in annual revenue, and as COO grew it to almost $50 million in annual revenue, prior to its sale to Akamai. After Prolexic, he joined ScrapeSentry, a spin-off of leading managed security services (MSS) firm Sentor, as CEO. There he also grew the business over 200% before selling it to Distil Networks. Cunningham also previously built out the MSS business for Globix in EMEA.


Bill Magnuson

Board Member

Bill Magnuson serves on the Board of Directors at Netography.  He is co-founder and CEO at Braze (formerly Appboy), a customer engagement platform that forms strong bonds between people and the brands they love. He is also the previous CTO at Braze, managing the company's product and engineering divisions.  Prior to Braze, Magnuson was a software engineer with Google working on App Inventor for Android. He later joined Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. In 2011, he and fellow Braze Co-Founder Jon Hyman won the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon, cementing a relationship that would lead to Braze’s creation. Bill has a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Engineering in Computer Science from MIT.


Tim Lipton



Katherine Callahan

   Office Manager and HR


Michael Donnarumma  

System Operations and Scalability


Michael Lechner

Alerting and Control


Tim Dietrich

UX and DevOps


Artem Zubkov


Technical Advisory Board


Jay Adelson




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