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Netography Fusion for Network Visibility & Monitoring

Legacy Network Visibility and Monitoring Tools Can’t Close Detection and Response Gaps  

Evolution of Network Architecture Has Led to Blind Spots With Using Aging Tools

“It’s been a huge win for networking across all pillars of networking in our organization; [NOC teams] are just amazed at how much more visibility they can get.”
– Shannon Ryan, Senior Director, Core Security Services and Architecture at FICO

As networks have changed to being a mix of hybrid multi-cloud and on-prem, composed of IT, OT, and IoT devices with added encryption to support Zero Trust, too many organizations are still relying on their legacy network visibility and monitoring tools that have not kept pace with the changes. 

Teams are now spending too much time trying to analyze incomplete data caused from being unable to see all activity across their modern network, leading to issues with:

  • Siloed visibility from having to use tools not designed to provide a unified visibility
  • Inflexibility of tools unable to handle the diverse monitoring requirements needed now
  • High TCO from having to deploy and maintain physical and virtual appliances 

Netography Fusion® is a cloud-native platform designed for modern diverse networks to give a singular view and close visibility gaps across hybrid multi-cloud, on-prem, IoT, and OT environments.

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Benefits At-a-Glance 

Network Visibility and Monitoring

  • Close critical gaps left by legacy network visibility and monitoring tools 
  • Lower TCO with 100% SaaS architecture that eliminates appliances 
  • Accelerate detection and response of anomalous or malicious activity 
  • Eliminate visibility silos with a single platform and data set 
  • Gain flexibility to address multiple teams’ requirements with unified view