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Netography Fusion for Extending XDR Visibility

Close the Detection and Response Gaps Created By XDR

Extend XDR Visibility Across Your Modern Network

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is designed to improve threat detection and response by analyzing data from multiple security technologies, with the two that every product includes being Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). 

However, these were not designed to operate in highly encrypted networks including OT and IoT devices, hybrid multi-cloud, and on-prem environments where they can only give a partial visibility of all network activity. Relying on this foundation can cause issues with:

  • Pervasive blind spots created by encrypted traffic
  • Cloud complexity makes it difficult and expensive to protect the cloud network
  • Cost of deploying physical or virtual appliances to monitor every conversation is prohibitive

Netography Fusion® is a cloud-native platform built to close the visibility gaps created by NDR and EDR from a single console without deploying sensors, agents, or taps.

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Benefits At-a-Glance 

Extending XDR Visibility

  • Close critical visibility gaps left by NDR and EDR used in XDR 
  • Gain unmatched awareness of network activity everywhere 
  • Lower TCO with 100% SaaS architecture 
  • Eliminate decryption as a barrier to compromise detection 
  • Simplify multi-cloud traffic monitoring