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Netography Fusion for Network Detection and Response

Expand Detection and Response to Every Corner of Your Network Without NDR Appliances

Fix the Challenges and Limitations of Trying to Deploy NDR Beyond Data Centers

“I think this industry was ripe for disruption; when we talk about Network Detection and Response, we’re really talking about inspecting that network layer, not just North / South from the internet side to our employees and data center, but also East / West to be able to see lateral movement.”
– Troy Wilkinson, CISO, Interpublic Group (IPG)

There is often a heavy investment in Network Detection and Response (NDR) to protect critical information assets in on-premises data centers, but then there is a struggle with real-time visibility with anything outside the data center or cloud-based. 

This results in cobbling together multiple technologies to try to make the significant NDR investment have a consistent view across the entire network, but relying on NDR outside of a data center has three main issues:

  • High TCO due to the cost of deploying and maintaining appliance-based technologies
  • Pervasive encryption from traffic outside the data center
  • Cloud complexity and non-standardization  leaves major visibility gaps

Netography Fusion® is not NDR but is a cloud-native Network Defense Platform (NDP) that removes the barriers to fast, effective detection and response, all from a single console without deploying sensors, agents, or taps.

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Benefits At-a-Glance 

Network Detection and Response

  • Gain unmatched awareness of network activity everywhere 
  • Lower TCO with 100% SaaS architecture 
  • Simplify multi-cloud traffic monitoring 
  • Accelerate time-to-value 
  • Eliminate decryption burden 
  • Keep pace with rapidly evolving environments 
  • Consolidate detection and response