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Netography Fusion for Verifying Zero Trust

Validate Policies and Detect Violations Continuously and in Real Time 

Netography Fusion Goes Beyond Traditional Network Monitoring to Verify and Enforce Zero Trust Policies

Large enterprises embraced Zero Trust to reduce the risk of compromise by external and internal threats. This process of moving to a Zero Trust model requires technologies including pervasive data encryption and extensive network segmentation, causing blind spots where teams could in the past monitor network activity, detect violations, and enforce policies. 

The result is that many enterprise networks have massive volumes of encrypted traffic traversing multi-cloud and on-premises environments, with applications and data scattered throughout, and no visibility into whether implementations are even working, causing the main problems:

  • Visibility Gaps With No Comprehensive View
  • Network Evolution Changes While Trying to Adopt Zero Trust
  • High TCO With On-Prem Appliance-Based Tools and Costly Decryption Technology

Netography Fusion® is a cloud-native Network Defense Platform (NDP) that provides real-time awareness of the activities of your devices, users, applications, and data all from a single console, enabling you to respond to Zero Trust policy violations immediately. 

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Benefits At-a-Glance

Verifying Zero Trust

  • Gain multi-cloud & on-prem visibility of activity across the network, in a unified console
  • See violations of trust boundaries in real-time with continuous monitoring
  • Lower TCO, fast deployment with 100% SaaS architecture
  • Reduce operational risk of internal or external threats
  • Improve detection of anomalies, policy violations, and threats
  • Accelerate Zero Trust enforcement with actionable intelligence