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Defend HPC Data Centers

Defend HPC Data Centers with Frictionless Security & Observability

High performance computing (HPC) and large language models (LLMs) used for AI-based technologies are at risk due to the lack of scalability and observability in legacy security and network monitoring controls: 

  • Organizations processing and storing petabytes of data in on-prem data centers using GPU clusters cannot build the horizontally scalable security architecture necessary to keep pace with the rapid growth of their computing environment. 
  • Organizations running HPC DCs with workloads and data across multiple cloud platforms don’t have a unified view of all data flows across their network and attempt to stitch disparate data together. 

Netography Fusion® is a Network Defense Platform engineered to meet the extreme performance requirements of multi-cloud or on-prem HPC environments. Fusion utilizes streaming telemetry and was designed to analyze millions of flows per second and is the only security platform that can deliver the scalable, accurate, and high performance monitoring you need to detect threats and threat-like activity.

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​​Examples of the malicious activity Netography Fusion can detect across HPC data centers include:

  • Anomalous data transfers that could involve the injection of malicious or corrupted data into the LLM datasets, to manipulate the training process by introducing biased or misleading information
  • Lateral movement as threat actors move across your workloads, systems, and data sets, conducting reconnaissance and compromising additional systems
  • Model tampering via API abuse that injects malicious code or alters the model’s architecture, thereby altering the LLM’s behavior
  • Malicious behavior for devices without endpoint agents such as communicating with external IP addresses or installing additional files after initial compromise
  • Insider threats targeting intellectual property or proprietary algorithms used in LLMs
  • Exfiltration of sensitive or proprietary data from datasets used in the HPC environment including proprietary algorithms and models, intellectual property, trade secrets, or regulated information

Frictionless Architecture Deploys in Minutes

Eliminate the need to deploy physical or virtual sensors, taps, or agents

Context-Rich Visualizations at Your Fingertips

Respond faster with high fidelity, high confidence alerts

Real-time threat detection at scale

Horizontally scalable architecture delivers the real-time performance HPC data centers require

Frictionless Architecture Deploys in Minutes

Fusion eliminates the need to deploy costly sensors, taps, or agents, enabling you to visualize activity from anywhere in your environment. It utilizes streaming telemetry to provide continuous network observability at scale that HPC environments rely on to identify anomalous activity as soon as it occurs to speed remediation

The Fusion platform is cloud-native and utilizes enriched metadata from devices, products, and services already running in your network to provide unmatched real-time security and analytics. 

Its 100% SaaS frictionless deployment model means you can monitor any segment or instance across your cloud and on-prem network at any time (including places you can’t or don’t want to deploy an appliance or agent). You’ll begin seeing unwanted network activity almost immediately.

Context-Rich Visualizations at Your Fingertips

The Fusion platform combines flow logs from your multi-cloud environment and on-prem flow data with context attributes from your tech stack to create enriched metadata. Enriched metadata transforms tables of IP addresses, ports, and protocols into context-rich visualizations of the activities of the users, applications, and devices within your HPC.

The context attributes come from the applications and services in your existing tech stack, including asset management, configuration management database (CMDB), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and vulnerability management.

Context is a critical component of the unique value the Fusion platform delivers to SecOps, NetOps, and CloudOps teams because it enables them to understand the significance of the devices and workloads being investigated without having to access additional tools or engage with other teams.

Real-time threat detection at scale

Fusion delivers the horizontally scalable architecture and real-time performance that HPC environments processing petabytes of data require. Engineered to analyze millions of flows per second, the Fusion platform is the only security tool that can monitor your network in real-time.

The Fusion platform enables you to eliminate performance bottlenecks caused by legacy security controls and close blind spots before a crisis hits. Its automated retention of network activity data provides a complete picture of past activity. You have the flexibility to determine the data retention schedule to meet your policy requirements.

Fusion is cloud-native, and its 100% SaaS frictionless deployment model means you can monitor any segment or instance across your cloud and on-prem network at any time (including places you can’t or don’t want to deploy an appliance or agent).

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Fusion Capabilities Include:

  • Single Platform for Real-Time Observability Across All Environments
  • Search Billions of Data Records in Seconds
  • Context-Rich Alerts Eliminate Need for Additional Research
  • Fast, Powerful Searches with Netography Query Language (NQL)
  • User-Customizable Netography Detection Models (NDMs)
  • Flexible Licensing and Data Retention
  • SOC 2 Certified