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Netography Fusion for IDS/IPS Replacement

Overcome the Challenges of Inspection-Based Detection

Outdated IDS/IPS Creates Blind Spots In Detecting Malicious Activity

Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) were developed over 20 years ago to inspect network traffic to detect malicious activity, but have always created issues with a high volume of false positives and threat actors evading them easily. 

Now, as networks move to become distributed to include multi-cloud environments, the legacy tools of IDS/IPS are unable to keep up. Even when they try to move to an NDR tool, users are left with three main challenges:

  • Widespread Zero Trust Encryption
  • High TCO of Appliances
  • Gaps in Multi-Cloud Visibility 

With Netography Fusion® is a cloud-native platform that enables you to replace your IDS/IPS and other monitoring technologies with a single unified platform. Fusion delivers visibility of anomalous and malicious activity across your entire network, including hybrid multi-cloud, on-prem, IoT, and OT environments, all in real-time.

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Benefits At-a-Glance

IDS/IPS Replacement

  • Closes critical visibility gaps left by encryption and cloud workloads  
  • Eliminates high TCO of appliances with 100% SaaS architecture
  • Reduces alert flood with high-fidelity customizable detection models  
  • Visualizes policy violations and compromises in real-time for faster response 
  • Consolidates multi-cloud and on-prem activity monitoring into a single platform