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Netography Fusion®

Cloud-Native Platform for All Your Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Environments

Gain real-time detection and response to anomalies and compromises that occur anywhere across your multi-cloud and hybrid environments from a single platform, without deploying sensors, agents, or taps.

Your enterprise network has evolved into a complex collection of applications, data, systems, and users, spread across multiple cloud platforms with some legacy on-prem infrastructure. We designed Fusion as a 100% SaaS security observability platform to address the fundamental shift in resources to the cloud, while still retaining the ability to defend on-prem activity if necessary.

Fusion is cloud-native and leverages the power of context-enriched metadata to give your security, network, and cloud operations teams comprehensive awareness in real-time of anomalous and malicious activity as soon as it appears in your network.

The Fusion platform aggregates and normalizes metadata collected from your multi-cloud and hybrid environments and enriches it with context attributes from your tech stack. Its AI-driven analytics generate high-confidence alerts when it detects unwanted activity that your platform-specific tools and legacy detection and monitoring technologies can’t see. The result is a unified view of all network activity across your enterprise.

Netography Fusion Components

Continuous Network Monitoring
Real-Time Detection & Remediation
Comprehensive Network Observability
Incident Investigation & Threat Hunting

“Being cloud-based means we’re everywhere and nowhere. We needed a cloud-native network security partner that could understand that kind of communication and protect it so that money can flow securely. Netography is a vital layer in our defense-in-depth system, helping us tell the story of what we have, what it is doing, and what’s happening to it.”

Unified Observability of All Network Activity, Anywhere

You can start to monitor every conversation in real-time throughout your modern network in minutes, without the burden of sensors, taps, or agents.

The Fusion platform ingests metadata from three primary sources in your multi-cloud and hybrid environments:

  • Cloud flow logs from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.
  • Flow data from the physical and virtual devices you have already deployed in your network (such as routers, switches, and gateways).
  • DNS log data from AWS, Google, Oracle, and Cisco.

Fusion then enriches the metadata with additional context labels and tags from your tech stack, including autonomous system information, GEO location information, Active Directory, asset management, CMDB, EDR, NDR, XDR, and vulnerability management systems.

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Completely Unified Visibility of Network Flows

Fast, Low-Cost, Frictionless Deployment 

You can deploy Netography Fusion in minutes because it is a 100% SaaS platform. There are no sensors, agents, or taps to deploy. Simply begin collecting metadata, such as cloud flow logs, from your cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, and Oracle) as well as context attributes from those cloud platforms to begin to have real-time awareness of activity in your environment.

Our ecosystem of 3rd-party integrations ensures you can operationalize the alerts generated by the Fusion platform into your technology stack.

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Detect Compromises in Real Time

The Netography Fusion platform includes a continuously updated library of Netography Detection Models (NDMs). Netography’s Detection Engineering team continuously creates new NDMs as well as updates existing models to detect new threats and variants of existing threats.

You have the flexibility to customize the NDMs as needed to meet your unique policies or requirements. For greater response effectiveness, multiple teams can utilize a single NDM to launch diverse response workflows, ensuring all teams have access to the same critical alerts.

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fusion detect threats immediately with detection models
fusion detection models for automated remediation and response

Automated Remediation & Response

Netography Fusion defends against anomalies and compromises through automation, allowing you to customize your response and remediation workflows to protect any environment and tailor your alerts to your business needs.

The 100% SaaS platform enables you to implement your mitigation and remediation tactics via the Fusion platform directly or via built-in integrations with a range of technology partners, including EDR, NDR, and XDR systems, and SIEM/SOAR platforms.

Well-documented RESTful APIs give you the ability to automate workflows with your tech stack as well, and Fusion also supports Terraform to enable you to automate the ability to provide visibility and control for scaling infrastructure.

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Key Capabilities

  • Frictionless Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Environment Monitoring
  • Comprehensive IT, IoT, and IT Security Observability
  • Real-Time Incident Investigation & Threat Hunting
  • High-Fidelity, Context-Rich Alerts
  • Centralized Zero Trust Enablement and Trust Boundary Monitoring
  • Response Orchestration and Automation

Key Benefits

  • Security Observability Across Your Modern Network Eliminates Blind Spots
  • Decrease MTTD and MTTR to Anomalous and Malicious Activity Anywhere
  • Accelerate Compromise Detection Before Damage Occurs
  • Real-time, Continuous Observability Automates Policy Enforcement
  • Fast, Frictionless Deployments Lowers TCO and Accelerates Time-to-Value

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