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Compromise Detection

Evolve from Threat-Centric to Compromise-Centric Security

Detect East/West movement across your Atomized Network faster

Too many security professionals still embrace a threat-centric instead of a compromise-centric security strategy. Instead of focusing on detecting activity that should never happen, they continue to invest in legacy technologies that were designed to detect potential threats and not actual compromises. The result is that they spend more time sifting through an ever-growing mountain of low-fidelity alerts to find any relevant “right of boom” data.

The Netography Fusion® platform delivers defense within your cloud and on-prem network to visualize lateral movement, decrease dwell time, reduce blast radius, and eliminate threat actors. It detects the presence of threat actors in your network who have bypassed your other security tools, enabling you to respond in real-time before they can cause costly operational disruptions or threaten business continuity.

You’ll be able to visualize both East-West and North-South activity as soon as threat actors begin to move in your network, beacon to external systems, or engage in other anomalous activities consistent with a successful compromise.

Examples of the post-compromise behaviors Netography Fusion can detect across your network include:

  • Lateral movement as threat actors move across your on-prem and cloud assets, conducting reconnaissance and compromising additional systems
  • Malicious behavior for devices without endpoint agents such as communicating with external IP addresses or installing additional files after initial compromise
  • Brute force attacks targeting services and tools like RDP, SSH, SMB, postgreSQL, and MongoDB
  • Accessing confidential or regulated data and then harvesting, storing, and exfiltrating the data
  • Using DNS tunneling to evade detection from other security controls
  • Beaconing of compromised assets to communicate with C2 servers

Detect compromised devices in real-time

Eliminate delays in detecting anomalous East-West and North-South activity

Identify active threat actors before damage occurs

Identify malicious activity before operational disruptions occur

Create automated mitigation to accelerate response

Automate response workflows to block active threats

Detect compromised devices in real-time

Too many organizations lack the ability to detect signs of compromised devices like lateral movement between on-prem and cloud environments. Many current tools are still focused on threat detection yet are ineffective once you’re compromised.

Netography Fusion allows you to see all potentially malicious network activity in seconds across your Atomized Network, including between IT, OT, and IoT devices. It does so without the need to deploy sensors, network taps, agents, install decryption architectures, or manage terabytes of costly data.

The Fusion NDP platform is cloud-native and utilizes enriched metadata from devices and tools already in your network to provide unmatched real-time network visibility and analytics, without deploying sensors, agents, or taps. Its 100% SaaS frictionless deployment model means you can monitor any segment or instance across your cloud and on-prem network at any time (including places you can’t or don’t want to deploy an appliance or agent). You’ll begin seeing unwanted network activity almost immediately.

Identify active threat actors before damage occurs

Trying to find evidence of compromised devices amidst a huge volume of low-value alerts will quickly overwhelm scarce staff resources. SOC teams have suffered from alert overload for years, enabling compromised devices to remain undiscovered and ultimately cause catastrophic damage by exfiltrating intellectual property, customer data, or other confidential information.

You can customize the built-in Netography Detection Models (NDMs) and Context Creation Models (CCMs) to continuously monitor your entire on-prem and cloud network for anomalous activity, eliminating detection blind spots caused by limited deployment of other security controls.

Fusion’s enriched metadata provides the critical context you need to understand the significance of the devices exhibiting the behavior without having to access additional tools or engage with other teams, enabling you to respond faster.

The Fusion platform enables you to quickly pinpoint suspicious or malicious activity to investigate and remediate because you have continuous, real-time visibility of all network activity: East/West, North/South, on-premises to cloud, and cloud-to-cloud.

Create automated mitigation to accelerate response

Organizations often struggle with the dual challenges of identifying anomalous or malicious activity in their Atomized Network and converting that awareness into specific actions that mitigate the risks of that activity quickly and effectively.

Netography Fusion tackles both challenges effectively. First, it enables you to automate your response workflows and eliminate the manual, time-consuming processes of manually searching through alerts for unwanted network activity that can overwhelm your team.

Second, by integrating with your tech stack, Fusion enables you to quickly initiate mitigation and remediation workflows whenever it detects anomalous or malicious activity including in your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), and ticketing systems.

The result is that you can react faster and more effectively to anomalous activity, ensuring a faster response and improving your security posture.

Fusion Capabilities Include:

  • Single Platform for Real-Time Compromise Detection across multi-cloud and on-prem network
  • Search Billions of Flow Log Entries in Seconds
  • Context-Rich Alerts Eliminate Need for Additional Research
  • Fast, Powerful Searches with Netography Query Language (NQL)
  • User-Customizable Netography Detection Models (NDM)
  • Flexible Licensing and Data Retention
  • SOC 2 Certified