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Demystifying Network Security, Visibility, and Control: A Buyer’s Guide

By William Toll, Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Years of digital transformation projects, cloud strategies that are multi-cloud and hybrid in practice, remote work, and internet of things (IoT) adoption, have resulted in Atomized Networks that are dispersed, ephemeral, encrypted, and diverse. Enterprise security operations center (SOC), cloud operations, and IT teams struggle because they can’t see all the users, applications, data, and devices they have, what they are doing, and what’s happening to them. It’s not surprising that cyberattacks rose by 38% in 2022, and the average cost of a data breach has hit a record high of $4.35 million with costs in the U.S. peaking at $9.44 million.

Organizations tell us that they are searching for solutions to address the gaps across their newly expanded attack surfaces. But navigating a market landscape that includes more than 150 vendors across a mix of new, established, and rapidly growing categories is confusing at best. No solution provides all the capabilities they likely need. And some categories of solutions and the solutions in them are too far forward or too far behind.

At Netography, we know that separating the wheat from the chaff is very difficult when everyone is talking about everything in different ways and making big claims in their marketing. To understand your network security posture, it’s important to know what your Atomized Network looks like and how network security has evolved so you can address gaps in visibility and control – gaps where adversaries live.

Netography’s new Buyer’s Guide 2023: Network Security, Visibility, and Control will help you navigate the market landscape and better understand the categories of solutions and the capabilities to look for in network security, visibility, and control platforms. Written by security professionals for security professionals, it’s not meant to be exhaustive but to help you move beyond acronyms and focus on some important pros and cons to consider.


Atomized Visibility and Control Platforms

Key sections include:

  • A brief history of network security with the goal of explaining how we arrived at this plethora of new categories and solutions and why we must continue to evolve our approach to network security.
  • The current market landscape of solutions and their benefits and gaps – from ASM to Zero Trust and major categories in between.  
  • A simplified list of the core features and considerations to help you put together your requirements and evaluate network security, visibility, and control platforms.

Decades have taught us that we must evolve our people, processes, and technologies to improve our ability to secure the enterprise. At Netography, we believe the Atomized Network is not just the new normal, it’s defining the capabilities we need to protect modern enterprise networks. 

To learn more, download your copy of the Buyer’s Guide. Ready to start your evaluation process? Contact us for a quick demo.