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Security and Observability for the Modern Network

Let us know how we can help you defend your modern network. Our 100% SasS platform is frictionless and can start delivering high-confidence, high-fidelity insights today. See for yourself how the Netography platform can address these common challenges:

  • Compromise Detection: Visualize lateral movement, decrease dwell time, reduce blast radius, and eliminate threat actors in real-time. 
  • Incident investigation and threat hunting: Conduct detailed forensic analysis of all East/West and North/South activity between workloads, endpoints, and unmanaged devices.
  • Identifying Zero Trust violations: Monitor trust boundaries within a single location, multiple regions, or globally, and dynamically update trust boundary rules. 
  • Defend HPC environments: Meet the extreme performance requirements of multi-cloud or on-prem HPC environments without costly appliances, taps, or agents.

Complete the form to the right and let us know if you want more info, a demo, or something else.

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