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Compromise Detection and Threat Hunting

Accelerate Your Threat Actor Detection

Respond in real-time when threat actors have compromised your Atomized Network.

Your network has evolved into a hybrid collection of cloud plus on-prem infrastructure, applications, data, and users. To detect, investigate, and respond to active threats in your network, a Network Defense Platform (NDP) provides a singular view of all anomalous activity in real-time across your cloud and on-prem network.

The Fusion platform is completely cloud-native and relies on enriched metadata from devices and tools already in your network to provide unmatched real-time network visibility and analytics, without deploying appliances, sensors, or agents.

Investigate suspicious activity in real-time

Eliminate delays in detecting active threats by searching billions enriched and normalized flow logs in real-time.

Eliminate threat actors before damage occurs

Hunt for threat actors before they can exfiltrate data or disrupt operations.

Create automated mitigation to accelerate response

Automate response workflows to block active threat actors.

Investigate suspicious activity in real-time

Too many organizations lack the ability to quickly and effectively investigate suspicious or malicious network activity in their network. They waste their limited time trying to analyze and correlate non-normalized data from limited sources delaying detection by weeks or months.

Netography Fusion gives you the ability to see questionable network activity in seconds across your Atomized Network, including IT, OT, and IoT devices. It does it without the need to deploy sensors, network taps, agents, or decryption architectures or manage terabytes of data.

You’ll be able to hunt for previously undetected IoCs and limit the scope of damage by responding in real-time, reducing the dwell time of any threat actors. Netography Fusion continuously ingests, enriches, and normalizes all flow data, giving you unmatched awareness of malicious activity that has evaded your other detection technologies.

Eliminate active threats actors before damage occurs

Trying to find IoCs amidst a high volume of network activity can consume scarce staff time and severely limit your ability to mitigate active threats before they cause catastrophic damage.

Netography Fusion’s automatic, budget-friendly retention of network traffic data provides a complete picture of past activity on your Atomized Network. Netography Query Language (NQL) is a powerful search technology that enables you to search billions of enriched, normalized flow records from a single console in seconds.

You can quickly pinpoint suspicious or malicious activity to investigate and remediate because you have continuous, real-time visibility of all network activity: North-South, East-West, on-premises to cloud, and cloud-to-cloud.

Create automated mitigation to accelerate response

Organizations often struggle with the dual challenges of identifying anomalous or malicious activity in their Atomized Network and converting that awareness into specific actions that mitigate the risks of that activity quickly and effectively.

Netograpy Fusion can tackle both challenges effectively. First, it enables you to automate your response workflows and eliminate the manual, time-consuming processes of searching for unwanted network activity that can overwhelm your team.

Second, By integrating with your tech stack, Fusion enables you to quickly initiate mitigation and remediation workflows whenever it detects anomalous or malicious activity including in your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and ticketing systems.

The result is that you can react faster and more effectively to anomalous activity, ensuring a faster response and improving your security posture.

Compromise Detection and Threat Hunting Include:

  • Single Platform for Real-Time Compromise Detection
  • Search Billions of Flow Log Entries in Seconds
  • Comprehensive Network Traffic Data Enrichment
  • Powerful Searches with Netography Query Language (NQL)
  • User-Customizable Netography Detection Models (NDM)
  • Flexible Licensing and Data Retention
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