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Netography Fusion for Reducing Cloud Risk

Overcome the Challenges of Monitoring Activity Across Multi-Cloud Environments

Unify Fragmented Multi-Cloud Environments to Gain Real-Time Visibility Into Anomalies and Malicious Activity

When most assets and workloads are spread across multiple cloud environments, a complex approach of using multiple cloud monitoring tools and multiple data collection and monitoring methods ends up introducing unnecessary risk and creates blind spots.

The challenges of monitoring your multi-cloud environments for anomalies and threats using a piecemeal approach include:

  • High TCO due to complex pricing models and fees for multiple cloud monitoring solutions
  • Visibility gaps from no standardization with the data provided
  • Operational risk caused by no real-time awareness of issues

Netography Fusion is a cloud-native Network Defense Platform (NDP) providing real-time comprehensive, unified data visibility across multi-cloud environments, using a common language to eliminate blind spots from mismatched data.

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Benefits At-a-Glance 

Reducing Cloud Risk

  • Gain multi-cloud visibility in a unified console
  • Lower TCO with 100% SaaS architecture
  • Accelerate analysis and action with built-in data normalization and enrichment
  • Consolidate detection and response to anomalies and threats
  • Reduce operational risk and expense