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Netography Joins Wiz Integration (WIN) Platform, Speeding Vulnerability Management for Joint Customers

By Patrick Bedwell, Head of Product Marketing


All of us at Netography are thrilled to become a Certified Wiz Partner and join WIN, because it significantly expands the capabilities we can offer our customers in our Netography Fusion® platform.

The Wiz partnership simplifies a key challenge many Netography Fusion customers have: Knowing which assets across your multi-cloud environment have vulnerabilities and the severity of any vulnerability on those assets.

The combination of Netography Fusion and Wiz means that you now have a single console that accelerates and simplifies your detection and mitigation of malicious activity targeting your vulnerable cloud assets. You can also identify assets that have already been compromised, enabling you to eradicate threat actors that are active in your Atomized Network.  

Critical Context for Netography Fusion

Netography Fusion is a cloud-native security platform for all your cloud and network traffic. With Fusion, you can see what your assets are, what they are doing, and what’s happening to them, in real-time.  

The addition of Wiz vulnerability data provides critical vulnerability context to the continuous visibility our Fusion customers have today. You can better instrument your network against the risk of compromise and prioritize remediation and mitigation workflows. 

Fast, frictionless integration of Wiz data

Wiz and Netography Fusion both rely on a 100% SaaS, cloud-first approach, and you can start to ingest Wiz vulnerability data in less than a minute. 

     The Fusion platform ingests a range of vulnerability data from the Wiz API, including:

  • The total number of vulnerabilities on each cloud asset
  • The highest CVSS rating of any vulnerability (e.g., Critical)
  • The highest CVSS score of any vulnerability (e.g., 9.5)
  • The list of all CVE IDs with a severity of medium or higher  

Three ways Fusion customers can see value today

There are three primary use cases this integration supports today: 

Real-time detection of anomalous or malicious activity targeting your vulnerable cloud assets

The Wiz integration accelerates the detection of any current or past attempts to exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in your cloud assets.

  • After being notified of a new vulnerability present in your cloud assets, you can immediately begin continuously monitoring all vulnerable systems for signs of targeting or compromise, until you have remediated the vulnerability. 
  • You can also analyze past activity related to vulnerable assets, to identify potentially compromised assets.

Accelerated investigations with critical insights at your analysts’ fingertips 

The WIN Platform eliminates the need for you to pivot between multiple consoles or teams to monitor, investigate, and remediate potential compromises of vulnerable cloud assets.

  • You can understand the vulnerability state of an asset you are investigating without leaving the Fusion platform (such as an AWS EC2 instance that has only ever communicated to the corporate network that is now making a new outbound connection to China).  
  • With the vulnerability state included in the Fusion platform as a context label, you save time when investigating and responding to anomalous network activity originating from a cloud asset. You don’t have to pivot to use another tool to provide more context or involve another part of the security team to learn about a system’s vulnerability status.  

Simplified monitoring of your most vulnerable cloud assets

The Wiz integration enables you to create custom policies and workflows using the Netography Query Language to save your investigation and response teams’ precious time. 

  • Creating dashboards focused on activity to and from the most vulnerable assets (e.g., vulnerable to an active exploit targeting vulnerabilities with a CVSS rating of “critical”) to know if they become the source of malicious activity.
  • Creating a custom escalation workflow for malicious network activity, such as potential network scanning or data exfiltration when the source is a highly vulnerable asset.
  • Building custom detections that include the vulnerability state of the asset.

“A best-in-class cloud operating model reduces risk, improves ROI, and drives efficiency,” said Oron Noah, Director of Product Management, Wiz. “That value proposition is what lies at the heart of WIN, and what partners like Netography are helping to make a reality. This collaborative philosophy brings real customer benefits and we are so thankful to have Netography on board.”

Get Unmatched Cloud Visibility Today

Netography Fusion delivers unmatched visibility of your multi-cloud and on-premises network activity across data, applications, devices, and users. You get single-console visibility of your IT, OT, and IoT environment, without the cost of deploying sensors, taps, or agents. 

Here are some examples of where our customers have found value: 

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