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Validate Your Governance

Ensure compliance with Zero Trust, social media bans, and other policies in real-time and at scale.

Your network has evolved into a hybrid collection of cloud plus on-prem infrastructure, applications, data, and users. To detect segmentation or compliance issues in real-time, consider a Network Defense Platform (NDP) that provides a singular view of all activity across your network, in real-time. 

The Fusion platform is completely cloud-native and relies on enriched metadata from devices and tools already in your network to validate your network segmentation and policy compliance without deploying appliances, sensors, or agents.

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Unify governance in real-time

Monitor and enforce governance policies at scale from a single portal, minimizing cost and complexity.

Verify compliance, Zero Trust segmentation, and other controls

Validate network segmentation controls, simplifying compliance certification.

Identify social media policy and other policy violations

Detect at the department, application, or endpoint, accelerating remediation.

Unify governance in real-time

The challenge of complying with diverse internal, industry, or governmental policies continues to grow.  Many organizations lack the people, technology, or expertise to continuously monitor all activity in their Atomized Network to ensure consistent, effective governance.

Netography Fusion® gives your team a unified view of your governance policies across your legacy, on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge environments. You can enforce security, organizational, IT, or compliance policies in real-time and at scale.

With the built-in governance dashboards and the ability to create dashboards to match your internal requirements, you can streamline your audits and quickly show proof of enforcement of policies to auditors, regulators, or Board committees.

Verify Zero Trust segmentation and other security controls

Implementing a Zero Trust framework can be extremely challenging to many security and network teams. Verifying the correct segmentation of network activity in real-time after changes to users, applications, devices, permissions, cloud platforms, or policies can be virtually impossible for most organizations.

Netography Fusion allows you to validate that your policies are correctly segmenting traffic and enforcing controls across your hybrid network. You can continuously visualize and verify correct segmentation using NetFlow, SFlow, and IPFIX data to understand which assets and networks are out of compliance with your governance policies.

Your team will be able to detect and mitigate Zero Trust segmentation errors in real time before data loss or operational disruption is caused by threats like supply chain attacks, insider risk, or ransomware.

Identify social media policy violations

Policies limiting the use of certain social media platforms continue to evolve quickly. Organizations often want to limit usage of specific applications within the network but lack the visibility to enforce policies.

With the Netography Fusion platform, you get visibility into any traffic to or from social media networks such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Tinder. You’ll be able to see activity for each application by endpoint, duration, and bandwidth usage.

Armed with these insights you will be able to enforce policies based on social media activity, such as detecting and eliminating TikTok in your server infrastructure, data center or the cloud.

Governance Includes:

  • Centralized Governance Dashboards
  • User-Configurable Policy Violation Alerts
  • On-premises, Hybrid, Multi-Cloud, IoT, OT, and Edge
  • Powerful Searches with Netography Query Language (NQL)
  • User-Customizable Netography Detection Models (NDM)
  • Fast, Frictionless Deployment Free of Sensors or Agents
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