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DDoS Enhanced Response Analytics

Reduce Your Damage from DDoS Attacks

Validate the performance of your DDoS mitigation technologies to minimize the cost and impact of a DDoS attack.

Your network has evolved into a hybrid collection of cloud plus on-prem infrastructure, applications, data, and users. To evaluate the efficacy of your DDoS mitigation service providers, deploy a Network Defense Platform (NDP) that enables you to measure their DDoS mitigation capabilities.

The Fusion platform is completely cloud-native and relies on enriched metadata from devices and tools already in your network to validate your ability to withstand a DDoS attack without deploying appliances, sensors, or agents.

Measure your DDoS mitigation efficacy

Know when your network’s availability begins to degrade

Lower cost and impact of DDoS attacks

Identify network components most likely to fail during an attack

Improve DDoS resiliency

Ensure immediate response as soon as attacks begin

Measure the efficacy of your DDoS mitigation strategy

Most network and security teams have no visibility into the effectiveness of their DDoS attack mitigation strategy. Tools built to reroute, filter or discard DDoS traffic were not designed to provide granular visibility to end-users, preventing you from identifying potential problems.

Netography Fusion® shows you the effectiveness of every element of your DDoS attack mitigation strategy. You can see real-time analytics on your technologies’ ability to maintain availability of your authentication systems and customer-facing platforms.

Using Fusion’s intuitive query language, you can analyze critical pre-and post-scrub details on an attack, including source and destination attack traffic volumes. Armed with this unique insight, you can confirm that your DDoS mitigation provider is responding effectively and meeting SLAs. You can also leverage that information to better secure your other attack surfaces against future threats.

Lower the cost and impact of DDoS attacks

Too often, NOC and SOC teams are unaware of weaknesses in their DDoS mitigation strategy, and only learn of a failure of a critical component during an attack. You have to rely on assurances from DDoS mitigation providers that there will be no catastrophic service disruptions of your environments, applications, or IP spaces.

Netography Fusion is a cloud-native network defense platform that delivers critical granular visibility into the impact an attack has on every component of your network. As an attack begins, you can see where any component begins to suffer a performance breakdown, such as your web applications, APIs, DNS servers, or data centers.

Fusion’s continuous monitoring and integrations with your DDoS mitigation tech stack alerts you and your mitigation provider to any potential service disruption in real-time. You can detect and minimize the impact of any anomalous activity before it can cause costly operational disruptions.

Improve DDoS resiliency with granular multi-cloud visibility

In the event of a failure of their DDoS mitigation service, many organizations struggle with being able to quickly and accurately recognize, dissect and attribute attacks. You need to be able to react quickly to step in and protect any critical services left unprotected by your service provider’s failure.

Netography Fusion’s granular visibility and customizable dashboards deliver forensics-level detail that enable you to respond directly to application, protocol, or volumetric attacks targeting your multi-cloud and on-premises workloads. You can automatically initiate internal DDoS mitigation workflows by integrating Fusion with your tech stack to eliminate delays in response.

The Fusion platform’s frictionless architecture eliminates the need to deploy any additional hardware to begin monitoring your Atomized Network. This means you can begin seeing value in hours, not days or weeks.

DDoS Efficacy and Attack Response Analytics Include:

  • Real-Time Analytics Measure DDoS attack Resilience
  • Continuous Monitoring Alerts on Potential Service Disruption
  • Granular Visibility Delivers Forensics-Level Detail
  • Integrate Directly with Tech Stack to Automate Internal DDoS Mitigation Workflows
  • Powerful Searches with Netography Query Language (NQL)
  • User-Customizable Netography Detection Models (NDM)