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Tackle TikTok Bans and Social Media Policy Changes with Operational Governance

By William Toll, Sr. Director, Product Marketing


In the wake of many governments and organizations banning TikTok and social media usage on employee devices, Netography has introduced a new operational governance dashboard that provides analysts with real-time comprehensive views of all social media traffic.

These capabilities in the Netography Fusion® platform enable customers to quickly validate and enforce policy changes and verify that users are compliant and that controls are working properly. Analysts gain the ability to visualize and drill down to traffic by social media network, traffic by endpoint, duration, bandwidth usage, and more. 

Netography Fusion now provides visibility into any traffic to or from social media networks such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tinder, and others. 

We realize that organizations have numerous solutions available to them to block or monitor social media usage – including browser plugins, endpoint detection and response (EDR), endpoint content filtering software, and firewall configurations. But, sophisticated users can bypass these controls, and these methods can also be misconfigured or suffer from a lack of continuous updates that blocking social media access requires. 

Additionally, cyber threat actors have methods to compromise the known controls and, in other cases, will use a vulnerability or other weakness to access social media on devices without controls.

Netography Fusion®’s operational governance dashboards provide analysts with real-time views of all social media traffic. Netography Fusion® Operational Governance – Social Media Dashboard


With these new easy to implement dashboards, your teams will quickly benefit from a stronger operational governance program for your social media policy.

Operational governance dashboards enable your team to see and report on how social media networks are being accessed across your Atomized Network in real-time

Users are continuously accessing banned networks on endpoints. Moreover, at many organizations, it takes months to detect or report social media usage. For example, how do you know if your current social media firewall rules or EDR filters are working, being updated, or even configured properly? With Netography Fusion’s operational governance capabilities and dashboards, you’ll get a real-time comprehensive view of all social media traffic.

Leverage easy-to-configure dashboards that provide innovative ways of seeing your Atomized Network

Easily configure social media usage dashboards by social media network, endpoint role, policy, location, or any other context you have added to Netography Fusion. You can easily isolate network data and analytics for quick views or drill into policy violations, issues, and alerts.

Achieve faster audits and better posture management and compliance 

Squash silos and build trust between teams that implement, enforce, and report on social media usage. Provide your compliance and risk teams with a gap-free view of all social media network traffic in your Atomized Network. With Netography Fusion’s operational governance dashboards, audits will be streamlined, and it will be easy to show proof of network-based social media policy enforcement. With Netography’s powerful context labeling, you’ll have the evidence needed to enforce policies and spot misconfigurations.

Netography Fusion’s operational governance dashboard for social media policy capabilities is available now.

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