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Allows Security and Operations Teams to Centralize and Resolve Security Incidents with Decreased Task Completion Times

San Francisco, CA – December 17, 2019Netography, which turns any network asset into a security device using a cloud-native Security Operations Platform, today introduced Netography® OpsChannel, a Collaborative Command Line Interface a new patent-pending technology, available exclusively through the Netography Security Operations Platform. OpsChannel integrates with collaboration software, such as Slack, to help security and operations teams better centralize, collaborate, and resolve security incidents and decrease task completion times.

“People individually collecting data via disparate systems, trying to describe what they see or screenshot and email that data is time-consuming and error-prone,” said Dan Murphy, CTO, Netography. “OpsChannel integrates into Netography’s Security Operations Platform and ensures an entire team has the same view of all data and status of an issue, to better remediate in the modern threat environment.”

When security and operations teams are tasked with a given issue or objective, whether monitoring performance, managing infrastructure, implementing security, triaging issues, or generally engaging in any type of analysis, a constant challenge is ensuring that the entire team is looking at the same data set at the same time and that team members are aware in real-time of what other team members are doing.

OpsChannel addresses this challenge by allowing for shared interaction with collaboration software, such as Slack. A user can issue a command in a Slack message, and all the other users can see both the issued command and the result of said command in real-time. The technology listens for commands in a given Slack channel and acts on those commands by interacting with various components of the infrastructure on behalf of the issuing user. It presents the result back into the same Slack channel from which it was received.

Communication is not limited to just prescribed commands, but may also be directly messaged, just like any other user on the channel. The technology can then respond with applicable data or by initiating appropriate actions. It may also be configured to infer the needs of the current conversation on the channel and post appropriate data, initiate the right set of actions, and inform and facilitate the involvement of human operators of the corresponding network operations platform to address automatically identified issues or concerns in the channel.

Netography’s Security Operations Platform cloud-native infrastructure with distributed telemetry gathering service, enables network and security professionals to discover, investigate, and remedy the modern threat environment with speed and autonomy. It works to continuously and automatically detects and remediates malicious traffic, including DDoS attacks, botnets, data extraction, login attempts, and more. Netography’s Security Operations Platform ingests all common flow data, including Sflow, Netflow, and VPC flow, via a proprietary cloud flow collector. Each flow is then enriched with a deep level of security, business, and performance detail that can be stored in perpetuity, as well as monitored by a host of proprietary algorithms. Algorithms are used to trigger comprehensive business logic that can do anything from re-route networks to defend your global infrastructure.

About Netography

Netography’s Security Platform provides cross-network visibility, encompassing cloud and on-premises environments. With the network-wide visibility that Netography delivers, organizations can protect themselves, via instant and automated detection and remediation, against a broad set of security threats, resulting in a 90% reduction in MTTR (mean time to resolution). Netography helps companies verify the effectiveness of their existing security and tools, share the same data in real-time across NetOps and SecOps teams, and easily protect their entire infrastructure as they scale, without adding expensive hardware. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @netography, LinkedIn at, or request additional information at [email protected].