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With the recent reports of one of the largest and most sophisticated data breaches ever, it’s no surprise this news has sent shock waves around the entire cybersecurity community. Given the size of this latest attack, it will be some time before we truly know the extent of what was targeted and who was behind these attacks. During this time, organizations must act now. 

Steps You Can Take Right Now

  • Stay Updated: Follow the instructions from vendors about installing patches, hotfixes, maintenance releases and service packs. 
  • Practice Vigilance: Continue to be vigilant to monitor your networks and systems for suspicious activity. If you do decide to turn off your monitoring solution, make sure you have a backup solution in place.
  • Build Awareness: Now is a good time to send around a reminder of your organization’s written policy about cybersecurity and who they should call if they do spot something suspicious. 
  • Harden Servers: Start by configuring fail2ban. With fail2ban, you can help block IP addresses that engage in suspicious activity and intrusion attempts.
  • Double Check Numbers: Make sure your cyber breach response plan is up to date. Many employees may be working remotely, now is a good time to make sure numbers are updated. Also in the age of not answering calls – make sure team members know what numbers may be calling them.

How Netography Can Help

Netography can give you the peace of mind that other solutions have failed to provide. Offered as a Saas offering, the Netography Network Detection and Response solution identifies abnormal activity, emerging threats, and all known threats in real-time. Netography analyzes traffic from on-premise devices, cloud & hybrid environments. It then ingests and analyzes Netflow, sFlow, AWS Flow Logs, Azure Flow Logs, Google VPC Flow Logs, and/or from our proprietary Tap Agent (netotap). This enables Netography to detect and automatically remediate threats at the perimeter or on your network with no hardware or agents to install. Setup takes place in minutes. 

Final Thoughts

While we don’t know the entire extent of what data was compromised in this latest data breach, it’s clear that hackers are becoming more advanced and using the latest technologies and techniques to target organizations and gain unauthorized access. Now more than ever, organizations must stay vigilant and act quickly to regain security and protect their brand. If you would like to take a test run of the Netography Network Detection and Response offering, let us know, and we’ll set up a trial to show you how we can detect & remediate unauthorized access and other cyber threats.