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Where Network Atomization Meets Abstract Modernism: Netography at RSA Conference

By Stacy Thayer, Ph.D., Sr. Manager Events & Marcom


It is that time of year again. RSA Conference: when thousands of security professionals make the trek to San Francisco and hundreds of security vendors put their best feet forward. As you plan your schedule for this action-packed week, we want to encourage you to find us among the noise for discussions you definitely haven’t yet had. With bright lights, huge signs, and booth attractions as far as the eye can see, the conference exhibit hall can be an overwhelming sight for even the veteran RSAC attendee. 

“New needs need new techniques.” – Jackson Pollock

A Different Kind of Booth

Netography, eats, sleeps, and breathes Security for the Atomized Network. As we have talked to more companies about the atomization challenge, impacting on-prem and cloud instances, which now encompass the entire network, we want to bring some of those findings and solutions to you. In short, networks are scattered and defenders are blinded by old techniques that can’t provide proper visibility in the current state of things. Our CEO, Martin Roesch, talks about these “Atomized Networks” as being DEEDDispersed, Encrypted, Ephemeral, and Diverse. This influenced our RSAC theme, which you’ll see displayed with a Jackson Pollock-esque artistry when you visit our booth. 

Pollock famously said, “New needs need new techniques. And, the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements… the modern painter cannot express this age, the airplane, the atom bomb, the radio, in the old forms of the Renaissance or of any other past culture.” 

At Netography, we look at the changes in the environments security professionals operate in—the composition of the networks we need to protect, the categories of attacks we face, the teams we operate within, and the effectiveness of the capabilities we’ve relied on. To defend our environments, we must fully appreciate what today’s networks really look like and the doctrinal shift that’s required in enterprise security. We understand that some of the core approaches to network security are becoming obsolete and we are seeing new needs and the need for new techniques. 

In “A Reckoning: The Massive Implications of Losing Network Visibility and Control”  Roesch states, “We need to recognize the world for what it is today, not what it used to be, and build for that world.” While Pollock was referring to his vision for modernism in art, Netography shares Pollock’s belief that the new world needs new techniques. In the world of network security visibility and control, that new need is to secure the Atomized Network and that new technique is Netography Fusion® .

Look for our artistic abstraction of the Atomized Network and DEED at Booth #4116 in the Moscone South Corridor. You can meet with our team of experts who can show you our cloud-native Netography Fusion platform and how it can help address any challenges you’re having with a DEED network. 

Now, For Something Less Intense… 

Not all discussions have to be deep and serious and layered with modernism and expressionism. Have a fun chat with us, too. While we know there are a lot of options at RSA for networking and indulging in food and libation and hydration, we have a good one for you. Join us and our partner GuidePoint Security on Monday, April 24, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Temple Night Club for some drinks, snacks, and great conversations. Register to Attend.

Get to Know Our Experts

One of the reasons I joined Netography was to work with some of the coolest founders and leaders in our industry. Having Roesch as CEO and co-founders Dan Murphy and Barrett Lyon at the helm was a huge draw. While the latter two will not be at RSA, Roesch will, along with industry veteran David Meltzer, who recently joined us as chief product officer. Schedule a time to chat with them to discuss industry shifts as a whole, why they came to Netography, what cool stuff they are seeing at the event. Or, we also have a team of cool solutions engineers who can demo Netography Fusion. Schedule a Meeting.

If you are looking for a solution to manage your modern-day Atomized Network, you want to discuss new challenges and the need for emerging techniques, or you just have a love for modern expressionist art, come by our booth or schedule a meeting. See you soon!