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Netography Fusion detects activity that should never happen anywhere in your multi-cloud network, in real-time.

Fusion is a 100% SaaS platform that gives you high-fidelity security observability without the burden of sensors, agents, or taps.

The Fusion platform delivers a very low number of high-fidelity, high-confidence alerts that your security, network, and cloud operations teams can act on to close multi-cloud security monitoring gaps.

You can deploy its frictionless multi-cloud monitoring anywhere you need continuous real-time detection of anomalous and malicious activity in any size network.

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With Fusion, You Can:

  • Monitor New VPCs and VNETs Automatically: Discover, onboard, configure, and monitor any new or changed VPCs or VNETs that spin up in your network and eliminate unknown instances and workloads.
  • Close Your Security Observability Gaps: Know what your users, applications, data, and devices are doing and what’s happening to them across your multi-cloud environments.
  • Detect East/West Movement Across Your Clouds: Respond to anomalous & malicious lateral movement in real-time before they disrupt operations, spike costs or result in policy violations.
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Fusion delivers security observability–visibility + context for any size multi-cloud environment, in real-time

“Being cloud-based means we’re everywhere and nowhere. We needed a cloud-native network security partner that could understand that kind of communication and protect it so that money can flow securely. Netography is a vital layer in our defense-in-depth system, helping us tell the story of what we have, what it is doing, and what’s happening to it.”

Branden WagnerHead of Information Security, Mercury

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How it Works

Fusion is a 100% SaaS platform that delivers unmatched real-time awareness without the burden of deploying sensors, agents, or taps. Its AI-driven analytics generate high-confidence alerts when it detects unwanted activity that your platform-specific tools and legacy detection and monitoring technologies can’t see.

The Fusion platform ingests metadata in the form of cloud flow logs from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

It then enriches this metadata with context attributes from your tech stack. The context attributes ingested from your tech stack convert endless tables of IP addresses and ports into context-rich visualizations and high-fidelity alerts that reduce your time to respond by identifying the significance of the activity.

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Multi-Cloud Flow Log Workshop

Learn how to detect activity that should never happen in your multi-cloud network


Deploys quickly with 100% SaaS platform that avoids the burden of deploying sensors, agents, or taps.

Unlimited Scalability

Provides the horizontally scalable security architecture you need to keep pace with the rapid growth of your computing environment.


Accelerates your response workflows with integration with your third-party products, including SIEM, SOAR, EDR, and ticketing systems.


Enables you to see malicious and anomalous activity as soon as it begins, not hours or days later.

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